No-IP Dynamic Update Client on Ubuntu

No-IP is a dynamic DNS service that is very reliable and easy to use. If you have, like my current setup, a home server box connected to your internet service provider and do not have a static IP, then you need to use dynamic DNS service to periodically check for changes to your IP address and update the Dynamic DNS database to reflect that change.

Register a free domain at

Install noip2 from source

If you get make not found or missing gcc then you do not have the gcc compiler tools on your machine. At you can find install instructions if you need help.

Configure the Client

As root (or with sudo) issue the below command:

/usr/local/bin/noip2 -C (dash capital C, this will create the default config file)

Create a Systemd service

Create the file /etc/systemd/system/noip2.service and paste the following:

Description=No-IP Dynamic DNS Update Client




systemctl status noip2.service
systemctl start noip2.service (start immediately)
systemctl enable noip2.service (start on boot)