Speed Testing GeneratePress

The time it takes your website to load influences how successful it will be. Optimizing your website is no longer an option. With search engines placing so much importance on the speed of web pages, it is vital to your website’s success to have fast loading web pages. If your website is slow, visitors may potentially leave your website before it even loads.

When it comes to WordPress the best place to start is with a well coded theme, People go out and buy a multipurpose theme and then only utilize 1% of the theme’s features or none at all. Purchasing a minimal theme or one more specific to your needs will save a ton of time digging through confusing options you may never actually use. I suggest and recommend GeneratePress. It can serve as a solid base for any website.


Hosting : Self-Hosted
Cache : Wp-Rocket
CDN: Cloudflare
Theme: GeneratePress with GP Premium
Plugins : 17 active


To analyze performance we will be using two of the best free tools GTmetrix and Pingdom.



Final Thoughts

With a footprint just under 30kb which makes it incredibility small and light on the server. The premium version is a modular design, you get to choose what add-on to activate or deactivate. Considering the features provided, the theme is very affordable, and their support has been a 10/10.


Not using .svg images we could reduce our overall page download size by a few KBs.

Serving static content from a cookieless domain would increase overall page scores but this is not possible utilizing CloudFlare as they include their own security cookie in your header. Again these cookies are very small and the performance implications are extremely minimal.

If you have any questions or thoughts please feel free to post a comment!